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" An investment in knowledge pays the best interest " ...Benjamin Franklin

A little About me :

Saint Josephs Academy Dehra Doon

I was Born At Dehra Doon , the Pure cool Valley at Uttaranchal, India . My father wanted me to get the best education and my schooling happened in one of the best schools of India , Saint Josephs Academy. Though Its one of the best schools and sets very high standards of which I have very good memories , but there was something missing . I wasnt very pleased at the methodology even as a child , many years later we shifted to Mumbai, India and I was sent to join Kendriya Vidyalaya , yet I felt a void in how things are taught

I found the answers when my father gifted me a book by B.A Stevensons on "How to pass Exams " . Things became even more clear when I came across Dale Carnegie's book on Effective speaking . Though Dale died many years before I was even born , I live his theories till date . He seems to have an answer to why things work or don't work out in life and of course now i knew why I was never too keen on studies as a young boy

Effective Speaking by dale carnegie

It made a lot of sense to me that its very imporatant for the knowledge to be passed out in a way that makes it interesting and easy to grasp. I understood  the very important role a  trainer plays . I started to test whetever I had  learnt and found I did very well . I understood how education when linked to a practical use and sprayed with examples becomes easy and fun . It became my passion to train since my very early adulthood and the passion has not died.

It was not long before I realised I and computers were made for each other. I started to teach in a way i wish i was taught .I have been training guys all over the world for about 4 years now . You can take my word for it , Web development is a serious business . The leap from a designer to a developer is enormous . Not only have I trained people , I have put up online tutorials for the world to help themselves. Click the image links just below to head straight to my Youtube Channel and check the 400 odd online tutorials on the subject .
On my Channel you will find a lot of tutorials on Dreamweaver , Microsoft Expression Web 4 ,flash and Actionscript 3.0 . I started to put up tutorials as I grew better on youtube with a prime motive of distributing the knowledge . Please find the links here to some informative online tutorials.

The following Images are Clickable Links

youtube Tutorial xml driven music playerDreamweaver Image Gallery

Frequently asked questions

When you say a course in dreamweaver , what exactly are you going to teach?
The course covers html/ html 5/ css / css 3 and a little exposure to JQuery
Are the course Timings flexible?
The course or the training timings are not fixed but are decided to suit both you and me , of course i cant teach at unearthly hours
Is the fee Payable in advance?
Yes it is , but incase its not easy for anyone , i can arrange for you to pay in 2 installments and no more
I am in the Uk/ Usa / Europe , how can I reach you ?
I have taught all round the Globe online , so incase u cant meet me face to face we learn through skype screenshare method
how can I pay ?
online bank transfer using neft , cheque or cash and paypal transfers from overseas
How many guys form a batch ?
Just 1 , 2 or sometimes 3. Again here I will see your comfort level and preference too .
Can I ask for a trial or a demo?
Of course ! feel free to ask for a demo and even references of students who have successfully completed the course.
Can I leave the training in the midst and ask for a refund ?
Doesn't work this way, I am afraid .
Can the fee be reduced ?
At 6000/- for 5 weeks , should you ask for it? No I have never compromised on fee or quality.
How many hours can we cover in a week ?
I like to go at 6 hours a week , but we can go faster or slower depending on your schedule and mine.
They both are fantastic tools for sharing the desktop of your computer with the end user , so whetever he or she does on their application can be viewed exactly by you.

One of the 550 plus online tutorials , that I have hosted on , click the link to reach my channel.

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Please note : The Video player above was created using flash pro , video flv Playback component in no time

Please note : The Video playback below was created using HTML5 video tag, its very simple as well.

How does Skype Screen Share and File Share Training Work ?

Use a different browser or simply use the latest version of browser if u cant view this video..

Team Viewer Along with Skype Screen Share is also a tool that can be used in the training session

How to Share Desktop and Control remote Computer Using TeamViewer

Product ranking: #1 in Remote Access

Price Free ; File Size 3.5 Mb

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A key question , everyone needs to have an answer for , why must i enrol with you when we have so many training centres

  • A trainer must be a good communicator himself. I feel there are guys who know the subject very well , but fail to convince or put across their thoughts with clarity , that won't happen here
  • Over the last 4 years , I have trained scores of web developers , The approach we follow is take them to the top but only if they know where the bottom is . I will always make sure my pupil stands his ground firm first before he starts to walk.
  • Many of my pupils had a dismal understanding of the subject with institutes that had enrolled with earlier , as the trainer themselves are raw and under trained . That can't happen here .
  • Interaction with the trainee , allowing him time to assimilate and reproduce his skill is ample here . I won't rush onto the next topic unless i have made sure the ideas passed in already are clear.

Couse Levels

Begginers , intermediate or advanced ?
Another very important query that i get asked a lot is to what levels do i take my students upto. Lets talk about dreamweaver first , Its never a good idea to start dreamweaver without a proper understanding of html / css . I always give them an overview of html and css along with css 3, as we go along . Many times I force my pupils to only get into the habit of handcoding their codes to get a better understanding of the subject. I will want my students to using compund rules and attribute selectors a lot , along with css . All of these are advanced levels of coding . Expression web 4 is pretty similar to dreamweaver . A good understanding of css and html is a bonus and hence the habit of handcosing for at least the first week will help a lot.

Lets talk about actionscript 3. The programming langauge that fires flash . Its a no nonsense , very serious business people . I won't be wrong to assert . Its only meant for the very few .If you think you can walk across the ups and lows of as 3 , trust me you are blessed . Here one needs to have a very strong sense of logic more than anything.
I will walk you through the beginners level, the intermediate level and we will flirt with the advanced level to some extend.
we must not lose sight of the fact ..its a crash course .

Over the last many years of training I have realised its best to handcode as much as possible , this is esp. true of as 3 . Though flash allows the use of code snippets , a great tool . I would urge you to avoid using them in the beginning .

Over these four years , I have helped scores of people complete their projects in flash , actionsctipt 3 and dreamweaver or simply in css and html . On a daily basis I make contribution help the new web developers help themselves.

But training is how i like to spend my core time , I have spent the last few years , teaching guys in html, css , css3 , dreamweaver , Microsoft Expression Web 4, flash and actionscript 3 .

expression web 4

Expression web 4

Now expression web 4 is simple and uncomplicated to learn and teach . Some of the features are actually better than dreamweaver which is loaded with few extra features . I love the fact the Expression web allows you a better selection of custom colors and its faster and easier to insert videos . The handcoding intellisense is awesome . Its not as heavy and memory intensive like dreamweaver is .

Even the free trial download is 60 days compared to Adobe dreamweaver which is just 30 days .

Get you free trail copy of Microsoft Expression Web 4 right here.

Get the service pack 1 right here

Download the service pack 2 , from here

Now if you like things simple and sober and don't wanna over tax yr brains web expression 4 will be easier compared to dreamweaver . Its just a personal choice . the fee and the period remain just the same at Rs 3500/-.

Now you have the added advantage of adding silver light videos to your projects . Of course if the viewer doesnt have silverlight in his browser , he will be prompted to download it . Its a small download just like flash player . But the playback conrols on these vidoes are customizable and are simply mindblowing.

Whats also great about Expression web is that it provides a handful of free html/ css layouts and templates , just like dreamweaver does . It also allows you to switch between doctypes and css schema . The use of javascript behaviors is very similar to dreamweaver . Snippets also are present for oftenly used functions agin just like dreamweaver .

Why Dreamweaver ?
preset layouts

Dreamweaver is an amazing program . Here are a few reason why I chose dreamweaver over other web developing tools. It not only is a html editor , its also an editor for css , java and php . Whats also good is the fact that it has some preset layouts that you can choose and work on . Edit and modify . This webpage is also an extension of some such a preset template that came along with dreamweaver . Dreamweaver allows you to change and choose different types of html doctypes , that you dont need to memorize anymore. It gives you the abality to create templetes , that can be used again and again. Whats really cool about dreamweaver is the abality to create snippets ( re-usable chunks of javascript , html , css codes . ) and Library Items ( Linked Items , you change one and you can see linked library items reflect the same change . )

Lets see some other reasons why I reckon dreamweaver to be an ace web authoring tool . The code hinting , while you handcode is extremely powerful and intelligent. The Error reporting is great . Whats worth mentioning is dreamweaver live view which allows u to see , how things might look like in the browser. We also have the multiscreen view that allows you to view your work on screens of different sizes , lets say the mobile . The CSS is mainly menu driven and dialog box driven which means , you dont need to memorize all the codes and syntax . You can insert the various html tags with the click of a button . Dreamweavr also allows you the usage and sytax of thee tags just in case you need any help. All in all the Page setup options and interface is simple to work with . Dw also allows u your own workspace ( the look and feel of the interface ) over and above the various workspaces that it offers you .

dialog boxNow lets talk about form creation in dreamweaver , its a very simple and smooth job. Dw allows you to insert fields and textareas very easily without you having to remember the code . its very easy to add a drop down menu as well as insert the sumbit and reset buttons. And of course once you are done you can in no time Validate you form . I must keep saying it again and again . Dreamweaver keeps you away from the hassles of memorizing your html / css codes .The dialog boxes and code hinting make your life very easy.

faviconBut there is something that has always bothered me , dreamweaver doesnt have any way to insert ," ready code " for using a favicon onto you site . just for the record this page uses this code to add a favicon <link rel="shortcut icon" href="Assets/images/favicon.ico" />

But all in all dreamweaver is just as its name suggest a great tool to weave your dreams . The spry functionality in one is word is awesome . See how easy it can be to build a vertical or a horizontal menu bar . The spry tool tip the collapsible panel, the accordions are all great assets that come with dreamweaver .

Whats Covered

  1. Understanding html tags and Attributes
  2. Understanding the concept of Block level elments vs Inline Elements.
  3. Working with inline styles, internal or embedded styles and external styles.
  4. Understanding dreamweaver contextual selector, classes , ids, tag selector and compound rules
  5. Understanding the different selector types
  6. Creating a contact form
  7. Understanding the concept of left float, right float and clear float.
  8. Creating simple and complex css layouts
  9. Understanding the different selector types
  10. working with the spry menu bar.
  11. Understanding attribute selectors.
  12. working with spry tabbed panels and tooltip
  13. making a spry accordion.
  14. working with frames and iframes
  15. creating a favicon
  16. learning how to embed vidoes , playing audio and videos on the web page and inserting a swf file
  17. seo, tips and tricks

Adobe Flash Professional CS 6

Publisher's Description

From Adobe Systems

Adobe Flash Professional CS 6 software is the industry standard for interactive authoring and delivery of immersive experiences that present consistently across personal computers, mobile devices, and screens of virtually any size and resolution.

Create interactive experiences--Express your creative vision and attention to detail and design pixel-perfect interactive content with exceptional typography, flexible layouts, and incredibly smooth animation. Build Web applications--Develop cross-platform web applications and content with an integrated development environment that offers intelligent ActionScript coding tools. Embed video--Wow your audience and produce engaging rich video content and interactivity that contains expressive, lifelike motion and animation.

What's new in this version:

Adobe Flash Professional CS 6 software combines expressive design features like a new multilingual text engine and more realistic inverse kinematics effects with timesaving development features like extensible code snippets and enhanced ActionScript authoring options.

  1. Text engine
  2. Code Snippets panel
  3. ActionScript editor
  4. Creative Suite integration
  5. Flash Builder integration
  6. Video improvements
  7. XML-based FLA source files
  8. Wide content distribution
  9. Spring for Bones
  10. Deco drawing tools

Now lets cut the technical jargon out and discuss what all flash pro can do. I find it great to make photo slideshows and picture scrollers, with effects like fade in and fade out and blur in and blur out

I can also make useful text animations though swish max is the best software just for text. But than we have the ready presets with preset animations you may use over and over again. save any created animation as a preset to be used later

Of course the components panel is awesome , pull out buttons and video placeholders in no time with attached component parameters panel that allow you to adjust the parameters. the UI loader component is super and allows us to load externally located pictures and swf files

I find it very easy to control audio with actionscript 3 , though its a little difficult to learn once you learn and master the sound class , u can make sound sliders and audio players.

Flash pro has ready library collection of some often used code snippets , sounds and awesome buttons, now how cool is that ? really its great, and as i said we have the animation presets that can be applied to any symbol

You can also create graphic and movieclip symbols apart from buttons and use as many instances of them as you may want

The tween class and the transition manager lend real power to flash . Make things swing from one end to the other with different eases and apply awesome transition effects like zoom , squeeze , photo, blind , pixel dissolve and make yr animations like great .